4434 217B Street, Langley BC


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About Me

Working For You and Your Body

I believe that our bodies are meant to be healthy and strong. My expertise and experience is in helping people who have lost touch with the joy of movement. My skill in MAT (muscle activation technique) allows me to find and activate weak muscles which means my clients can move pain-free. My approach to personal training is gentle and compassionate and I am passionate about helping those who are the most reluctant about exercising.


What I Can Do For You

MAT or Muscle Activation Technique

I have been practicing muscle activation for over ten years and have worked on hundreds of clients. If you have any pain in your body or have suffered an injury, I can make an assessment and assist you in getting back to your life - pain free.

Exercise Assessment

I offer a complete fitness assessment for each of my clients. The assessment includes current fitness level as well as finding fitness goals and removing barriers to a healthy lifestyle. I design fitness programs based on the initial assessment, in addition, I offer personal training sessions at my studio or a home-based exercise program suited to your individual needs.

Speak and Inspire

I am excited to present to your organization, group or business about heath and wellness. Presentations are customized to each audience and can be delivered as a motivational speech or in a workshop format. Please contact me for more information about how we can work together.


“You have power over your mind - not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength”

Marcus Aurelius


Contact Me

4434 217B Street, Langley BC